02 Apr, 2024

Statutory regulations for health and safety ensure the best practices for operating equipment and machinery at work. Whether set out by The Health and Safety at Work Act (HASWA) or an Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (ACOP), these regulations verify that workplace equipment is maintained for safe use, in a safe condition, and suitable for its intended use.

Daily maintenance and pre-use checks may be conducted on low-risk equipment by competent in-house staff if trained appropriately. However, high-risk equipment must be thoroughly assessed by a suitable professional at the necessary intervals.

External independent assessors, such as ISI, are a reliable and convenient way for businesses to check that their equipment and procedures comply with these critical regulations.

An Introduction to Engineering Inspections

External independent engineering inspections provide businesses with professional and impartial safety advice and assessments.

First of all, your assessor should review your existing plant schedule and inspection reports. If you don’t have any, you should book an engineer to survey your plant. They will identify your safety inspection and testing requirements, and then offer you a quotation for a thorough inspection.

Typically, the assessor will arrive on your selected date and conduct the inspection. Any significant faults identified at the appointment will be reported during the visit where you will be advised to remove or isolate the defective equipment. A full report is then sent to you electronically.

Why Choose an External Independent Inspection Company?

Mitigate Conflicts of Interest

Independent from government organisations, servicing companies, and insurance – external assessors can reliably offer impartial inspections and guidance to clients with competent engineering judgement and a common-sense approach.

This means you can avoid complicated relationships with companies whose objectives might conflict with your own.

Transparent & Unbiased Evaluations

Having nothing to gain or profit from identifying faulty machinery and equipment – independent inspection services guarantee accurate and unbiased evaluations of your workplace health and safety compliance.

Qualified engineers will openly discuss any technical issues with you and offer impartial advice to help you succeed.

Maintain Industry Standards

Specialised in statutory regulations such as PUWER, LOLER, COSHH, and PSSR, and equipped with in-depth practical and technical knowledge – external assessors will help you protect your assets, plant, and staff.

You can rest assured that you will meet your legal obligations covered by The Health and Safety at Work Act, ACOP, and any other recognised law or guidance.

Premier Level of Service

With technically qualified engineers and services tailored to meet your requirements, independent inspections will set out the necessary plant inspection schedules to suit your needs as a company.

Experienced external assessors are committed to delivering a premier level of service to meet your every expectation.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Independent Inspection Company

Do They Have Relevant Accreditations?

Finding a trusted inspection and compliance service with accreditations will signify that they have been rigorously assessed and found to meet the best standards of technical expertise, integrity, and impartiality. Accreditations are a testament to a company’s dedication to excellence in safety and quality.

To join our many other accreditations, ISI has recently been granted accreditation by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for inspection services in compliance with the international standard ISO/IEC 17020:2012, covering LOLER, PUWER, and The Work at Height Regulations 2005. You can find more details on all of our accreditations on our website.

How Long Has the Company Been Established?

Choosing an external independent inspection company with a reliable history will help you ensure that you are receiving the highest level of service from an established, professional, and qualified company.

ISI was formed in 1979 and has aimed to provide quality engineering and inspection services to all our commercial and industrial customers ever since.

Do They Have Positive Reviews?

Finding an engineering inspection service with positive reviews and testimonials can be a good indicator of how their service has been received by other companies like your own.

Over the past 40 years, ISI has grown an excellent reputation across the UK through recommendations from our valued customers.

Engineering Inspections by ISI

Industrial Safety Inspections Ltd (ISI) is an established organisation committed to delivering the highest standards in engineering inspections and testing services, ensuring best practices and compliance with statutory regulations and guidance.

To learn more about how we can help you, please get in touch.