Specialist Inspections

ISI is a nationwide leader in specialist engineering inspections. We take the safety of your machinery and workforce as seriously as you do and so can provide a range of non-statutory inspections to ensure everything is in working order.

Specialist Inspection Services

In addition to the statutory regulations, there are also industry guidelines and codes of practice relating to a wide range of machinery and equipment. These may include recommendations for inspection or supplementary testing in addition to statutory requirements.

You may also need a specialist inspection where you have concerns or foresee a potential hazard with specific machinery or equipment, where you would benefit from a detailed professional assessment.

Side view of steel catwalks with yellow railing.

Specialist Engineering Inspection Examples

Our expert team are technically competent to provide a full range of engineering inspections – if you need something inspected – we can do it!

Engineering inspection examples:

  • Safety inspections of fixed personnel walkways and ladders in accordance with the working at height regulations and in compliance with BSEN 14122 2001/2004/2010
  • Racking and storage system inspections
  • HSG236 Power press examinations

If you are unsure of the relevant regulations and guidelines which might apply or are wondering whether a professional assessment may be of value – we’re happy to give advice, simply call our expert team on 01675 481779 for more information.