Non-Statutory & Statutory Inspections 

ISI conduct an expansive range of engineering inspection services and thorough examination, meeting the requirements of Health and Safety legislation for statutory and non-statutory plant.

How We Work

At Industrial Safety Inspections, our expert team are always happy to provide free impartial advice by phone. If you are unsure about your needs, simply call us. We can discuss your safety inspection requirements and legal responsibilities.

If you have a plant schedule or inspection reports, we can review them. Alternatively, we can send an engineer to survey your plant for a fee. We will then provide a no-obligation quote for the identified safety inspection and testing requirements.

If you decide to work with ISI, we will provide an Inspection Service contract. This can be for an individual inspection or an inspection plan which sets out the plant/machinery to be inspected and the schedule of inspections over the next 12 months.

When we have your instructions to proceed, one of our technically qualified engineers will contact you to make an appointment. Our uniformed engineer will arrive on time, to carry out the inspection or thorough examination. Any serious defect identified at the time of the inspection will be reported immediately, during the visit. We have no statutory powers to remove or isolate the defective machinery, but in serious cases, we may advise you to do that.

On completion of the inspection, our engineer will discuss any technical issues and answer any questions you may have. Your full written report will be provided by email or via our secure online reporting system.

Plant and Machinery Inspection Management

For contract clients, ISI conveniently maintains a database of your plant and machinery and the inspection due dates.

We take care of the inspection schedule for you. We’ll contact you several weeks in advance of each inspection to arrange our visit and will also write to you 1 month prior to the contract expiry date to confirm the schedule and terms for the following year.

Please see below for more information about each of the engineering inspection services provided by ISI:

Machinery with large metal pipes and multiple pressure gauges inside of an industrial plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a statutory inspection?

Statutory inspections are mandatory examinations or assessments required by law or regulations to ensure compliance with specific standards or safety requirements. 

What is the statutory inspection for LOLER?

The statutory inspection for LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) involves mandatory assessments of lifting equipment to ensure compliance with safety regulations. You can find out more on our lifting equipment inspection page.

What equipment require statutory inspections?

Equipment that requires statutory inspections typically includes machinery and devices with safety implications. Common examples include lifting equipment, pressure systems, local exhaust ventilation, work equipment, and other specialist equipment. 

What is the difference between puwer and LOLER?

PUWER broadly covers various types of work equipment, LOLER is more specialised, concentrating specifically on lifting equipment and operations. Both sets of regulations contribute to workplace safety in the UK.